In this post we have published 61 Best Computer Related Full Form which is used mostly in our daily life. This computer related full form list will help to increase your technical knowledge and it also will be helpful for various competitive exams.

So lets begin to know about full form of computer parts or 161 full forms related to computer.

61 Best Computer Related Full Form:

1.COMPUTER Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research
2.CPUCentral Processing Unit
3.ALUArithmetic Logical Unit
4.CUControl Unit
5.MUMemory Unit
6.UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
7.RAMRandom Access Memory
8.ROMRead Only Memory
9.USBUniversal Serial Bus
10.OTGOn The Go adapter
11.LASERLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
12.ATMAutomated teller machine
13.LANLocal Area Network
14.MANMetro Area Network
15.WANWide Area Network
16.WEBWorld Wide Web
17.CDCompact Disk
18.DVDDigital Versatile Disc
20.ITInformation Technology
21.IPInternet Protocol
22.TCP IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
23.WWWWorld Wide Web
24.URLUniform Resource Locator
25.VIRUSVital Information Resource Under Siege
26.SATASerial Advanced Technology Attachment
27.SMPSSwitched-Mode Power Supply
28.SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
29.CRTCathode Ray Tube
30.DECDigital Equipment Corporation
31.CGAComputer Graphics & Animation
32.JPG/JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
33.GIFGraphics Interchange Format
34.PNGPortable Network Graphics
35.PDFPortable Document Format
36.SAPSystem Application and Products
37.GISGeographical Information system
38.GPSGlobal Positioning System
39.DDSDigital Data Storage
40.CADComputer-Aided Design
41.HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol
42.HTTPSHyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
43.APIPAAutomatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
44.APMAdvanced Power Management
45.LEDLight-emitting diode
46.LCDLiquid-Crystal Display
47.GPUGraphics Processing Unit
48.GIGOGarbage In Garbage Out
49.CANCampus Area Network
50.PSDPhotoshop Document

आप ये भी जरूर पढ़े:

51.CDCompact Disk
52.MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
53.MP3MPEG Audio Layer 3
54.GBPSGigabits Per Second
59.DOSDisk Operating System
60.PINGPacket InterNet Groper
61.OMROptical Mark Recognition
62.OCROptical Character Recognition
63.NICNetwork Interface Card
64.OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
65.LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
66.PFAPlease Find Attached
67.BIOSBasic Input Output System
68.LTELong Term Evolution
69.MISManagement Information System
70.IOSiPhone Operating System
71.PATAParallel Advanced Technology Attachment
72.FXPFile Exchange Protocol
73.MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second
74.VFXVisual Effects
75.HVDHolographic Versatile Disk
76.WLANWireless Local Area Network
78.TIFFTag Image File Format
79.SSDSolid State Drives
80.HSDPAHigh Speed Downlink Packet Access

आप ये भी जरूर पढ़े:

81.HDDHard Disk Drive
82.FDDFloppy Disk Drive
83.VDUVisual Display Unit
84.POSTPower ON Self Test
85.PROMProgrammable Read Only Memory
86.EPROMErasable PROM
87.I/OInput & Output
88.HDMIHigh Definition Multimedia Interface
89.NTFSNew Technology File System
90.VGAVideo Graphics Array
91.DPIDots per Inch
92.HTMLHypertext Markup Language
93.JAVAJust Another Virtual Acceleratior
94.PMDProtected Mode Interface
95.CCTVClosed-Circuit Television
96.CDNContent Delivery Network
97.WIFIWireless Fidelity
98.DNSDomain Name System
99.ISPInternet Service Provider
100.VPSVirtual Private Server

आप ये भी जरूर पढ़े:

101.GSMGlobal System for Mobile communication
102.SIMSubscriber Identity Module
103.URLUniform Resource Locator
104.GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
105.CDMACode-Division Multiple Access
106.UHDUltra High Definition
107.PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
108.FPSFrame Per Second
109.GUIGraphical User Interface
112.RGBRed Green Blue
113.XGA Extended Graphics Array
114.ZIPZigzag Inline Package
115.MbpsMega Bytes Per second
116.KBpsKilo Bytes Per Second
117.PHPHypertext Preprocessor
118.XMLExtensible Markup Language
119.MANMetropolitan Area Network
120.CSSCascading Style Sheets

आप ये भी जरूर पढ़े:

122.POPPost Office Protocol
123.BPSBits Per Second
124.DDRDouble Data Rate
125.DVD-RDigital Video Disc Recordable
126.FATFile Allocation Table
127.OSOperating System
128.PCPersonal Computer
129.OTPOne-time password
130.WAVWaveform Audio
131.GUIGraphical User Interface
132.3GP3rd Generation Project
133.ARPANETAdvanced Research Project Agency Network
134.IBMInternational Business Machines
135.AVIAudio Video Interleave
136.WMLWireless Markup Language
137.JADJava Application Descriptor
138.UHFUltra High Frequency
139.RTSReal-Time Streaming
140.WBMPWireless Bitmap Image

आप ये भी जरूर पढ़े:

141.ANSIAmerican National standards Institute
142.ASCIIAmerican Standard code for Information Interchange
143.AMDAdvanced Micro Devices
144.ARPAddress resolution Protocol
145.ALGOLAlgorithmic Language
146.AIArtificial Inteligence
147.ARPAddress resolution Protocol
148.BCDBinary coded Decimal
149.BINACBinary Automatic Computer
150.BCRBar code Reader
151.CD-R/WCompact Disk-Read/Write
152.CD-RCompact Disk-Recordable
153.C-DACCentre for Development of Advanced computing
154.CAMComputer Aided Manufacturing
155.CMYKCyan – Magenta – Yellow and Key (black)
156.DBMSData Base Management system
157.DTSDigital theater system
158.EFTElectronic fund Transfer
159.FATFile Allocation Table
160.FAXFar Away Xerox facsimile
161.SQL Structured Query Language

आप ये भी जरूर पढ़े:

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